Baptism is a really important step in the Christian faith. Jesus got baptised and teaches us to do so as a sign of our commitment to him. It is an outward demonstration of an inward reality of what God is doing in our lives. In baptism, as we are being "plunged" under water and brought up again, we are saying goodbye to our old way of living and entering into the new person that God wants us to be.

The water we use isn't anything special, and baptism does not secure salvation - this happens when we become a "born again Christian". It is simply a public declaration and picture that we have died to our old life are rising again in a new life in Jesus Christ (becoming a born again Christian). Baptism is about becoming spiritually clean and pure before God, not because of our own good deeds, but because of the grace of God and for His glory.

Baptism is a really significant moment in a Christian’s walk with God. We believe that God honours this step of commitment by drawring close to us by His Holy Spirit.

If you feel ready to be baptised, please speak to one of our leaders.