Connection Weekends

Connection Weekends are for those who are new to the church. Who may feel they want to be part of the body of believers at New Life Church and are committed to the values of the church.

Connection Weekends aim to help people

  • to be familiarized with the workings of the church
  • have a clear understanding of what the church believes
  • find out more about the basics of our faith and applying these
  • understand the structure and those involved in the church
  • find out about the church’s small groups
  • know how to play a part and serve in the church
  • have an opportunity to ask questions

The desire of the leadership is that as people go on with God and are joined to His Church, they will mature quickly and function as active members of the Body of Christ.

For more information or to sign up for the next course, contact the church office on 01959 571667 or email