The members of New Life Church Biggin Hill contribute to the life and work of the church in numerous ways. As God gave us everything we have, we want to do what He wants with all areas of our lives. Some of the things we have to give includes our money, time, relationships and gifts.

We live in a culture that always encourages us to want more and are taught to place our security in money. As Christians, we place our securities in God and want to learn to have giving hearts. This includes our money. Christians are taught to give generously, in response to what the Holy Spirit is telling us. We should be giving to the church and to the needs of the poor.

At New Life Church Biggin Hill, we believe that all of the church budget is invested in the growth of God's Kingdom. We regularly give to our overseas partners in their mission.

If you would like to contribute to the work of New Life Church Biggin Hill, please contact the office.