Meet the Ignite servers

We have a strong team of leaders who devote themselves to serving the church and the young people. This team is made up of people who have felt called to Youth Work. They share a passion to see the Youngsters enjoy themselves, feel safe in a fun environment and get an opportunity to learn about the Life of Jesus and how much He loves them.

The team is lead by Keith Atkinson who is the Youth Leader at New Life Church.

Youth Leaders:
Keith Atkinson: Keith is married and has 2 children. His passion for Ignite is to see the youth grow and come to an understanding of why Jesus died for them.

Susie Atkinson: Susie is married to Keith. She serves on the nights and chats with lots of the kids. She also helps behind the scenes in getting things ready for the kids to enjoy.

Ben Holden: Ben is married and has 4 children. He serves the kids well and is a great member of the team who is fun to have around.

Helen Mesure: Helen is fun and vibrant and is great with the kids. She's become an instant favourite.

Bethany Nelson: Beth has twins, 1 boy and 1 girl. Beth used to be in the Youth and serves us brilliantly by getting alongside some of the Youth and just simply being their friend.

Sam Weaver: Sam is married and has 2 children. Sam is the most energetic guy on the team. His passion to see the Youth saved and get a relationship with God is fantastic.