Youth Events

Here are some of the events that the we attend or host.

Newday is a huge youth event that takes place in the heart of the nation! Each year thousands of young people come together and camp over six days. It is aimed at those in school years 7-13. This is a great time to meet other Christians and expand your circle of friends in the church community. Each day you get the chance to hang out with friends and go to meetings with amazing worship and teaching. There is plenty of opportunity to take part in the activities the event offers such as sports, gigs and eating... There is also an opportunity to take part in the organised outreach trips which can involve serving the local community.

Merge is a regional youth event run by a few churches in our region. They are a great way to connect with other young people. They run about four times a year and are hosted by a different newfrontiers church in the region each time. Young people can enjoy games, food, fun, worship, teaching and prayer.