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Here at New Life, we are blessed to have access to resources written by some of our very own members! Check out some of our resources available for free or to purchase.


With his imitable passion and enthusiasm for church history, Ray tells the intriguing story of the Reformation and the people who were to challenge and change both theology and medieval church, from Luther in Germany to King Henry VIII in England. Watch here or on our YouTube channel.

Lesley Wales has been a part of New Life Church for over 40 years and has recently written this insightful book for women who are married to those in church leadership. Lesley's book is available for download for £3 on kindle and can be viewed here on Amazon.

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Ray Lowe (of Ray's Table Talks) has also recently written 'an autobiographical journey through five decades of church leadership.' This is currently only available through direct purchase from New Life Church for £10. However, a kindle version of the book is expected soon.

One of our longest-serving members at New Life, Carol Gillard, originally wrote her book Like a Might Army in 1992 chronicling the history of New Life Church, Biggin Hill. However, an updated version has been released this year and is now available to view and download for free, here.

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